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12/2021 The Swimming Pool Update and Renovation project is nearly complete!

Visit the swimming pool complex and you will see how lovely this area now is with new and brighter lighting, new showers and a coat of fresh paint inside and out. The Arborvitae hedge has been removed along with the old, and deteriorating, fence. The new fence has been installed. The Garden Committee will be consulted to lend their expertise and suggest garden features to enhance the freshly fenced area.

General or Inhouse Work

  1. Send three metal tables for sandblasting and powder-coating. This will be less expensive than replacing the tables and will still provide a good life cycle. Estimate of $100 per table in June of 2020.
  2. Clean up the inside of the storeroom; get rid of the junk and reorganize what needs to be kept.
  3. Seriously trim the bushes between the patio walkway and the swimming pool. They are so overgrown that they look bad and they hide the pool.
  4. Clean up the area outside the fence on the east side of the pool area. It looks messy. This should include building up the soil sufficient to cover the water pipes going to the solar heating system. A retaining wall or riprap may be required to control erosion.
  5. Trim the lower branches of trees that are blocking the view from the gazebo. (This may already be on the long-term plan for the Tree Committee.)

Landscaping and Excavation

  1. Remove the arborvitae surrounding the pool area on the west and south sides.
  2. Remove the wooden fence surrounding the pool area on the west and south sides.
  3. Remove the red lava rock along the west fence line.
  4. Install new chain link fencing. Use 6-foot chain-link fencing, with green privacy inserts to match the chain-link fence on the north side.
  5. Relocate the west section of fence to 16-inches from the sidewalk, lining up with the edge of the CERT container. A garden strip in the pool area between the fence line and the new concrete section will be easier to maintain than grass.  Masonry Contractor

Carpentry & Painting Contractor

  1. Remove the natural gas pipe on the east end and inside of the pool restroom building. It is no longer being used.
  2. Replace the door into the pump building
  3. Replace the storeroom door on the east side of the restroom building. It is water damaged and delaminating.
  4. Adjust the men’s restroom door; it does not close properly.
  5. Remove the old natural gas water heater exhaust vent going through the pool restroom roof.
  6. Rebuild the north and east walls of the pump building, replacing decayed wood.                                                 
  1. Paint the sewer vent pipe going through the pool restroom roof black.
  2. Paint the restroom interiors, after re-piping is competed.
  3. Updating the shower stalls
  4. Clean and repaint the heater exhaust pipe going through the roof of the pump building. It is rusty and looks bad.

Electrical Contractor

  1. Replace electrical panel in the restroom building
  2. Replace electrical panel in the pump building
  3. Replace the rusted and corroded electrical conduits in pump building
  4. Replace ceiling mounted heating units in both restrooms with LED lights.
  5. Replace lights over each restroom sink with LED.
  6. Replace bubs in lights outside each restroom with LED.
  7. Replace restroom outside flood lights with LED and motion sensors.
  8. Replace rusted electrical conduits in the storeroom
  9. Install LED lighting in pump building as part of the electrical rework.

Plumbing Contractor

  1. Replace water pipes in restrooms. The old steel pipes are full of rust and minerals with little water flow.
  2. Replace shower valves and faucets Replace pipe hangers on the solar panel system, which may require replacing some of the pipes that have sagged.