As the remodeling and re-envisioning of the Community space has progressed a suggestion was made, and expanded upon, to re-envision the use of the Breezeway Room. The details of the vision are still being worked out but here is the main gist of it:

Enter, “The Breeze.” The Breeze will be a community gathering spot in what is now known as the Breezeway Room. It will be designed to embrace spontaneous and informal gathering of residents. Residents can drop in to share a cup of coffee from the Keurig, grab a Cola from the fridge, make some popcorn in the microwave or simply enjoy the view sitting out on the adjoining deck with a glass of wine (from home.)

The Breeze will not be a reservable space during the daytime and will only be reservable in the evenings for special occasions – such as weddings. The intent is to keep The Breeze an attractive, open and available place for all residents to come and enjoy whenever the spirit moves them.