Madam Chairman, we have a quorum!

So began the 2022 Salemtowne Civic Association Annual Meeting. Chairperson Gerry Morgan began with thank yous to the dozens upon dozens of active volunteers who make our community an active, dynamic and delightful place to live. She invited all residents to take note of the large banner posted on the display cases near the Towne Hall entry listing the volunteers’ names.

On entry to the Towne Hall homeowners signed in and were given ballots, per our CC&Rs, listing the names of the two nominees for the upcoming open positions on the 2022 – 2023 Board of Directors. Further nominations were requested from the floor. Hearing none, the two candidates on the ballot were unanimously elected and thanked heartily for their willingness to serve our community in these vital roles. To find out more about our new Board members, Blair Hill and Valerie Vollmar, click here.

Denny Laughery, Board Treasurer, gave a financial report and thanked Finance Chairman Terry Davidson, and the finance committee, for helping to keep Salemtowne in a financially secure position. This is sometimes an enormous task in the face of rising costs and unexpected needs.

Ryan Harris, the attorney Salemtowne engages to advise and represent us, gave a report on why we should revise and update our CC&Rs and why we should do it now. After his presentation Mr. Harris answered the numerous questions from the floor. Mr. Harris’ professional expertise includes years of practice focusing on condominium and homeowners’ associations. We are well served by his extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of situations and disputes that come up for HOAs.

Ron Lester, Board Director of Operations, gave a report and update on the post-fire rebuild, remodel and refurnish. Duncan Construction is moving along on schedule and doing a good job for us both in their workmanship and in advocating for us with the insurance company when needed. The insurance coverage is quite satisfactory and it is highly unlikely that any special assessments will be needed to pay for expenses not covered. A special thank you was given to John Mangini for being an additional liason with Duncan Construction; to Janet Ober and her re-imagine Committee for countless hours picking out paint, fixtures, furniture, and all that goes into making an empty building a home; and to Karen Hohberg for finding storage for the new furnishings, already arriving.

The meeting was adjourned.

Residents are encouraged to continue to stay up to date and make their voices heard in a meaningful and effective way by attending the twice monthly Board Meetings held on the first and third Friday of each month in the Towne Hall at 9:00 a.m. Or, if unable to attend, submitting signed questions and comments, in writing, directly to the Board for them to addressed at the Board meetings.

For a more complete recap of the annual meeting, the minutes of the meeting will be made available when their transcription is finished.