On Tuesday morning, 9/6/22 between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., a heavy birdbath was taken from the front yard of a home on Winslow Way. A polling of the immediate neighbors yielded no witnesses. Thieves are becoming ever more brazen and on the lookout for things to steal or low profile ways to ‘case’ a property, or an entire neighborhood, for quick and easy pickings.

For your own property consider the addition of motion sensing cameras, motion sensing alarms, motion activated outdoor lights, etc.. Don’t hesitate to throw a friendly wave and a, “Hi!” to someone whom you do not recognize walking by or who is looking a little out of place in your neighbor’s driveway – perhaps even ask them if you can be of assistance. There is no downside to being a super friendly community with high profile chatty residents. It’s attractive to folks who DO belong here and not so attractive to folks who DO NOT.

Together we ARE stronger.