Salemtowne’s common areas and facilities are primarily for the use of residents and for the Salemtowne Civic Association’s committees, clubs and activitiesHowever, some facilities may be rented for private parties. 


The Towne Hall, Farmhouse, Breezeway and Patio may be rented, including their kitchen facilities, by residents for private events and celebrations. The SCA Board of Directors annually updates and publishes a schedule of fees and refundable cleaning deposits for the use of common facilities as an element of the annual budget. Contact the Reservations Committee or SCA Office Manager for cost, required paperwork including rental forms, and other details. These facilities may only be rented by a resident who is also responsible for the entire rental event including payment and cleanup. 

  • These facilities are available for use by all Salemtowne residents. During use for private event, the reservation is for the specified location(s) only; guests are prohibited from accessing other locations or using exercise or recreational facilities.
  • The Game Room, located in the Farmhouse, is only available to residents and their guests. Guests must be 18 years of old and must be accompanied by the resident host.
  • The following are prohibited inside the facilities: confetti, birdseed, rice, helium balloons, candles and other open flames except the fireplace.
  • Bubbles are allowed only outdoors.
  • The following are prohibited inside and outside the facilities: bouncy houses, trampolines, portable pools, personal barbecues, and fireworks of any kind.
  • Alcoholic beverages shall only be served and consumed according to Oregon Liquor Control Commission regulations.
  • Food and drink may be served in the carpeted areas of the Farmhouse; groups using the living room and/or kitchen are responsible for cleaning after an event.
  • Thermostats in the Towne Hall and Farmhouse are preset and locked. A timer has been provided to allow an “in use” preset during events.
  • All users are responsible for the safe and proper use of furniture and equipment.

The SCA Treasurer and Finance Committee have done significant calculating to meet the requirements of the Bylaws amendment that requires fees be reflective of cost. They calculated each space as a percentage of the entire complex, then allocated the utility costs to each space, allocated items on the reserve study to each space, amortized the building value, and finally calculated the daily rate.  The result was adopted by the Board. In addition to the rental rates, there is a $100 refundable cleaning deposit.

  • Towne Hall: $125 per day
  • Breezeway: $25 per day
  • Farmhouse: $70 per day
  • Patio/BBQ/Farmhouse Kitchen: $70 per day