Salemtowne maintains its own free, circulating library, located in the Farmhouse.  

     The January 1970 Newsletter carried this appeal:

             “Two fine citizens have volunteered to organize our library… If you have any spare books, please bring them to us the next time you are here.”

Library facilities in 1970 consisted of two sets of bookshelves in the Farmhouse living room, and a set of shelves in the present paperback book room. From this humble beginning the library continued to grow rapidly.  One contribution which gave real status and size to the library was a donation by the librarian of the West Salem Bench of the Salem City Library.  Through the years since, Salemtowne residents have continued to contribute many hardback and paperback books.   As the Library grew, the few shelves were not adequate and it was decided to build new permanent shelving in the old dining room next to the living room. While the materials were provided by the Board, the labor to construct and paint the shelves was given by Salemtowne resident volunteers.

The magazine area was later added to Library, using the Farmhouse hallway. Over the years, residents have kept these shelves filled with recent issues of many of the most popular magazines.  Comfortable chairs in this area offer a place for residents to read and relax. 

Unfortunately, all the books were smoke damaged during the 2021 fire and the library is currently closed awaiting restoration of the building and the purchase of new books.   Residents: if you have books you would like to donate to the Library either for use in the Library itself or to be sold at a future book sale to raise funds to buy new books, please hold onto them for the time being.