Important News

Salemtowne Civic Association

Salemtowne Civic Association’s functioning and management occurs according to its Governing Documents. To carry out rules and processes set forth in those documents, SCA has an elected Board of Directors, comprised of volunteer resident homeowners in good standing. 

There are five members on the Board (Chair, Vice-Chair, Operations, Treasurer, and Secretary) who are elected to three-year terms of office. Elections to the Board take place at the annual meeting, which is held the first Monday in June, with new members taking office on October 1. The Board meets once a month unless emergency or special (unscheduled) sessions are required. Meeting agendas, by Oregon Statutes, are posted  three days before a scheduled Board meeting. You can find the agenda posted on the bulletin board outside the SCA Office and on the website. Meeting minutes are posted after they are approved.

If you wish to contact the Board of Directors, you may send an email via [email protected]

           Coleen Barbee



                Blair Hill



             John Mangini



               Ron Lester



             Katie Nottage