Important News

Salemtowne Civic Association

The Governing documents provide for the designation and establishment of committees.  Committees exist to help deal with, or examine, specific issues.  Standing Committees deal with ongoing community issues such as finance while Ad Hoc Committees are formed for a specific task or objective and dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective.  All committees have a Board member as liaison. 

Active Ad Hoc Committees

There are currently no active Ad Hoc Committees.

Some of the Recent Ad Hoc Committees


The IT Committee was formed to  improve SCA hardware and software usage. This included tasks such as creating network diagrams, troubleshooting PC hardware problems, and tracking down internet protocol issues, managing email, administration panels for user permissions, and responding to incoming support requests for support from SCA staff.

Fitness Center Renovation

The July 16th fire that destroyed the fitness center gives the community the opportunity to reimagine the fitness center.  The Board created the Fitness Center Renovation Committee to develop a new mission for the fitness center, that will incorporate a new floor plan, exercise equipment and fitness programs.  

Re-Imagine South Wing

This Ad Hoc Committee was established to Re-Imagine the South Wing (Farmhouse wing) of the Community Center due to the damage done by the July 16, 2021 fire in the Fitness Center.   


Established June 2021 to study the issue of community safety.

Rental Policy

Established June 2021 to develop a rental policy within Salemtowne.  Presented findings to the Board on September 17, 2021. The Board passed a motion to accept and implement the suggested improvements. Read More