The Governing documents provide for the designation and establishment of committees.  Committees exist to help deal with, or examine, specific issues.  Standing Committees deal with ongoing community issues such as finance while Ad Hoc Committees are formed for a specific task or objective and dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective.  All committees have a Board member as liaison. 

Fitness Center Renovation

Established: July 27, 2021

Status: Ongoing

The July 16th fire that destroyed the fitness center gives the community the opportunity to reimagine the fitness center.  The Board created the Fitness Center Renovation Committee to develop a new mission for the fitness center, that will incorporate a new floor plan, exercise equipment and fitness programs.  The goal is to provide community members with an attractive set of exercise offerings that are designed to increase use of the fitness center and improve the health of community members. The fitness center should be a popular and enjoyable place to exercise. 

Jerry Gardner will be the Board’s Liaison and will serve as the contact person from the Board of Directors.  A Chairperson was chosen by the committee at the first meeting. That person will organize regularly scheduled meetings and solicit input from committee members.  

Committee Responsibility 

  1. The Committee will develop a mission statement to guide the offerings and programs provided at the Community Center. What is the vision for the fitness center? The structural design will be linked to the equipment provided and the programs offered.
  2. The Committee will develop a new floor plan that the contractor will use to rebuild the fitness area. The new plan may or may not include a sauna, showers, locker room, weight room, exercise area, bathrooms, etc.  The fitness area must be rebuilt from the ground up and this is our chance to make changes.  A basic design must be completed in roughly 6 weeks to inform the contractor and insurance company. 
  3. The Committee will review other 55+ community centers for inspiration.  What type of exercise equipment is required? What type of programs are offered elsewhere? What is the Salemtowne community looking for? 



Re-Imagine South Wing

Status: Ongoing

This Ad Hoc Committee was established to Re-Imagine the South Wing (Farmhouse wing) of the Community Center due to the damage done by the July 16, 2021 fire in the Fitness Center.   Every effort will be made to include input and suggestions from all the residents in Salemtowne as the conversation evolves.

The Committee will first identify the items in the area and determine what should be salvaged and restored, and what would be better replaced with new, given the cost of restoration and storage versus new acquisitions.

The Committee will further consider prior use of the space and determine if this is an opportunity to reconfigure some of the areas or change the purpose of the same. Original Farmhouse includes the Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room, currently used as a Hardback Book Library. Remaining areas include two Hallways, Game Room, Card Room and Paperback Library. The Committee will also consider future use of the current Video Library, Lapidary and Breezeway. 

The Committee will keep in mind the historical nature of the original Farmhouse building as work is re-imagined.

For information about ongoing efforts, Read More


Established: June 2021 to study the issue of community safety.

 Status:  Ongoing. Committee chair resigned August 2021.  Despite the need for a new Chairperson, the committee will continue to investigate video security cameras at certain points within the community. 

Rental Policy

Established: June 2021 to develop a rental policy within Salemtowne.  

Status: Completed: Presented findings to the Board on September 17, 2021. The Board passed a motion to accept and implement the suggested improvements. Read More