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Salemtowne Civic Association

Standing Committees

The Governing Documents provide for the designation and establishment of committees.  Committees exist to help deal with, or examine, specific issues.  Standing Committees deal with ongoing community issues such as finance while Ad Hoc Committees are formed for a specific task or objective and dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective. All committees have a Board member as liaison. 


Maintains and operates the sound systems used in the Towne Hall, Patio and Golf Shop.   Also maintains and operates the video projection equipment.   <Read More>

The Breez

Oversees the operation of The Breez which includes maintenance, supplies and use.

The Community Safety Committee is divided into three groups with responsibility for the following:

  • Automatic Emergency Defibrillator (AED)
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

                                <Read More>

Organizes and promotes the annual community sale which is typically held on the first Saturday after Labor Day. Residents have the option of having a sale at their home or bringing their items to the parking lot and have their sale there. Salemtowne clubs also hold sales in the parking lot as fund raisers for their group.  Holding one big sale a year helps all the residents attract a larger number of potential buyers. Each household pays a nominal fee to help fund marketing and advertising for the event in the Greater Salem Area. Funds are used to benefit the Salemtowne Community.  <Read More>


Plans and decorates in and around community facilities on holidays and other special occasions. Our Community Center is decked out for the fall and Thanksgiving periods and the Christmas holiday. A small group of volunteers come together with a ‘theme’ and several more volunteers come together to make it happen.

Advises the Board of Directors on budget preparation, Asset Replacement Funds (ARF) and other community financial concerns. <Read More>

Fitness Center

Monitors and maintains the Fitness Center and the fitness equipment. 

Friends of Salemtowne

Oversees the monetary donations to Salemtowne by acknowledging receipt and accounting for the distribution of funds as designated by the donor.  Donated funds are managed separately from other Association accounts.   

Oversees the design and maintenance of 19 garden areas throughout the common areas of Salemtowne. Volunteers create gardens and continually work to create year-round interest while perennial plants slowly grow and develop into mature gardens.  <Read More>

Responsible for the daily operation of the golf course and golf shop, and advises the Board of Directors on all golf-related matters including the operation and maintenance of the golf course, golf play and golf memberships. <Read More>

Compiles historical information about Salemtowne and the surrounding community, including narratives, artifacts and photographs. <Read More>

Landlord-Tenant Oversight

Records and tracks all rental property; maintains rental property standards and procedures; recommends resolution of landlord-tenant rule violations.

Evaluates applications for changes to the external appearance of residential properties according to the process and rules outlined by  Salemtowne Rules and Regulations.  <Read More>

The LARC Paint Colors page can be accessed here.


Responsible for the opening and closing of the common grounds and buildings outside of the normal working hours of the Salemtowne employees. 


Creates, publishes and distributes the printed monthly Salemtowne News newsletter. 


Coordinates the use of common areas and facilities by committees, clubs, activities and by members for private events. 

Reviews applications and assigns spaces for vehicles and firewood in the storage lot; maintains an accurate record of assigned spaces and units occupying those spaces; oversees community volunteer events to help maintain the lot; monitors compliance with the rules, as set out in Salemtowne’s R&R’s, for the use of the lot.  <Read More>

Oversees the operation of the swimming pool, which includes limited routine pool maintenance, and for the setup and later storage of the pool and patio furniture each season.  <Read More>

Oversees the management of over 600 trees on Salemtowne common grounds and golf course. <Read More>


Creates, maintains and enhances the Salemtowne community website with information for both homeowners/residents as well as those interested in the community. 

Maintains and ensures the safe operation of equipment in the woodworking shop.  <Read More>