Important News

Salemtowne Civic Association

Jason Halfman, Grounds Supervisor, expressed his concern at the 5/11/23 Board meeting that in two days mid-July weather will suddenly arrive for the Salemtowne green spaces. The Grounds Crew is doing its best to hurridly prepare the sod, as best they can, for the upcoming heat onslought.

The irrigation system is up and running for the golf course greens and tees. The system is nearing full operation for the fairways. Again this year, and always, if you see a sprinkler continuously running outside of normal watering hours, or if you see water spurting up like a geyser in the common green spaces, please call the office, one of the Board members or Jason, ASAP.

The irrigation pump was scheduled to be replaced last year and the replacement was postponed until this year. Should the pump go down, there would be a two month delay in getting repair parts. It was decided by the Board to order replacement parts now and hold them in reserve until they are needed.

On a lighter note. Only a few minor remodeling details remain to be finished for the swimming pool area and the area is looking good. The pool project is even coming in under budget.