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The fire started in the southeast corner of the Towne Hall complex in the early morning of July 16. A very effective fire alarm system had been installed so damage was mostly limited to the Fitness Center. Significant water and smoke damage was sustained in the Breezeway Room and Farmhouse.

All of the rooms were closed and activities halted.

A mandatory fire watch began, scheduled weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. when staff is working.  A fire watch person must be scheduled for evening and weekend activities.  This will continue until the building is restored. Activities can be held at any time in golf shop, patio and swimming pool areas without fire watch. 

An inventory of all furnishings in the Farmhouse building was taken for use in evaluation of loss, salvage, restoration, replacement and insurance recovery.  All equipment and furnishings in the Fitness Center were destroyed.

Summit Cleaning and Restoration was contracted for cleanup.  They removed all furniture and furnishings (including everything on the walls) from the rooms for cleaning and storage.  The inventory was used to determine what is salvageable and returned and what will be destroyed.  Summit Cleaning Services began cleaning the Towne Hall.


Two Committees were formed: Fitness Center and Reimagine the Farmhouse.  Both committees began work to look at the damaged rooms to envision what they could look like in the future.  The area under consideration by the Reimagine Committee concentrated on the current paperback library, the current card room, the hardback library, and the hallways.  Some improvements in the Farmhouse living room, the billiard room and the kitchen were also evaluated.  Video Library and Book Library committees submitted plans envisioning new ideas for their spaces.  The video library will move into the paperback library; the hardback book library will remain where it is; the card room will become a “Fireside Room.” The Fitness Center Committee is researching fitness equipment appropriate for a senior community. 

In early September, hundreds of smoke-damaged books were given away or destroyed.  

Board members are working with the insurance company regarding the insurance claim.  This has been ongoing as evaluation continues and, later, as additional issues rise.  In October the Board was advised that the insurance company and the contractor were close to a final claim amount.

When demolition began, asbestos was discovered.  All activity ceased and access to the building denied until asbestos abatement was completed.  Asbestos abatement was contracted and completed by Alpine Abatement Associates on October 8.   


Demolition began again. During demolition, original wood ceilings and walls and fireplaces in the paperback and hardback libraries were exposed. 

The contractor from Duncan Construction, the architect from Studio 3 Architecture, the Board, and the Committees met to consider information from the site and “as built” drawings.  Duncan Construction is asking subcontractors and suppliers to submit bids for the construction work. 

Fencing around the site and a construction trailer appeared.  

Committees continued meeting on suggested plans.  Finally, draft plans were submitted by both committees to the architect who will prepare an initial set of drawings for review by the Board.   

Construction plans and specifications for restoration have been submitted to the City of Salem and we are waiting approval and issue of the building permits.

Committees met to review the initial plan from the architect which included valuable information about fire code and ADA requirements. This altered the plans. 

Later the Reimagine Committee met to identify fixtures.


Getting started

11/2021 Contractors and architects are reviewing plans submitted by the Fitness and Re-imagine Committees.  The  process of securing subcontracting bids and the necessary building permits to begin the restoration process will be set in motion. A construction trailer is in place in front of the CERT trailer. A construction fence has been set up to help secure the area. Please do not enter the area inside of the construction fence. Thanks! (We are all eager to see how the process is proceeding but, for now, we must do so from outside the boundary of the fence.)

SCA Treasurer sets up separate account to keep track of Fire Restoration Income and Expenses

At the December 2021 Board meeting it was announced that the SCA Treasurer has set up a separate account from the general Operations Account to keep track of the Restoration Income and Expenses. By doing so, we are able to more accurately track these funds and ensure that we don’t unknowingly use funds from the Operations or the ARF accounts for restorations.

Duncan Construction has finalized their intent to begin demolition work on the fire damaged portions of the community buildings the first week in March 2022. The fenced construction areas remain off limits to residents. Firewatch will continue as is to allow residents the continued use and enjoyment of the undamaged structures.

Demolition Has Begun

On March 1, 2022, the long-awaited process of demolishing the damaged areas of the Community buildings began in preparation for the restoration and rebuilding. Target time needed from this step until completion continues to be approximately 6 months.  The fenced construction areas remain off limits to residents. Firewatch will continue as is to allow residents the continued use and enjoyment of the undamaged structures.

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