The Committee presented the Board with a Final Report including the following eight suggestions designed to improve the rental process.

  • Tighten up existing ambiguous language in Salemtowne documents, i.e., “up to”, “may”, “timely.”
  • Be proactive and educate rather than reactive.
  • Renew/redo tenant/landlord paperwork annually to ensure accuracy and understanding.
  • Formalize timelines for notification of the HOA by the owner/landlord of changes regarding their rental properties; orientation of new tenants; signing of agreements with the HOA, etc.
  • Bi-annual letters to the owner/landlord. Make the letters more than a boiler plate to encourage closer attention.  Example: possibly include a section such as, “News you can use,” or “Best practices for…”
  • Bi-annual communication to tenants about their responsibilities and their ease of enjoyment of the Salemtowne amenities and opportunities for involvement as a community member.
  • Develop an incident report form for the Office Manager that includes a level of seriousness of the complaint.
  • Develop an incremental fine schedule. Fines levied need to be impactful. Unpaid fines need to accrue interest. Unpaid fines will become a lien, held by the HOA, on the property.

To read the final report, click here.   (Need to get a copy of the report to upload and activate the link)